The Institute for Replication (I4R) works to improve the credibility of science by systematically reproducing and replicating research findings in leading academic journals. Our team collaborates with researchers to:

Aim and scope

Reproducibility and replicability are key to the credibility and confidence in research findings. Reproductions and replications allow to assess which findings are robust, making science a self-correcting system, with major downstream effects on policy-making. Despite these benefits, reproducibility and replicability rates are surprisingly low, and direct replications rarely published. Addressing these challenges requires innovative approaches in how we conduct, reward, and communicate the outcomes of reproductions and replications.

Our primary goal is to promote and generate reproductions and replications. Reproductions and replications may be achieved using the same or different data and procedures/codes. While I4R is not a journal, we have an editorial board which actively recruits and selects replicators. We currently have an editorial board for economics and finance, and for political science. Our scope will evolve and expand over time, and we will be adding other disciplines on Sept. 1st, 2023.

What's new?

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